My Idea of what a POTUS should be

Just my thoughts on what a real POTUS should be regardless of political party!

1. Smart
2. Respectful
3. Smart
4. Knowledgeable about foreign policy
5. Has NO skeletons buried
6. Are not former: Drunk, Drug user, womanizer, crook, life long politician
7. Know what it takes to run a large business and apply it to the US without taking on special interest groups into ZAR POSITIONS.
8. Can actually read a budget
9. Doesn’t want to be lifetime politician
10. Has served in the military first hand
11. Has put themselves thru school
12. Are not part of any hidden group
13. Has NO desire to serve more than ONE term!
14. Could work with all parties
15. Understands job creation and is willing to kick start America in Job creation for all citizens first.
16. Understands that we do need to protect nature to a degree
17 Has the Brass Balls to stand up to other countries and call them out!
18. Carries a really Big Stick and is NOT afraid to use it if needed!
19. Understands a country cannot spend more than it takes in and actually does something to fix that thinking.
20. Can work to eliminate the IRS, EPA, DEA, BBB, BLM and a hundred other federal agencies that the states could do better.
21. Has the Brass Balls to tell Mexico and other countries if they don’t stop sending people here Illegally we will STOP ALL funding, grants & Travel to those countries and close all borders and international relations, and confiscate all properties and funds held in accounts here until ZERO Illegal Aliens & Drugs come into the USA!
22. Who actually works to get ENGLISH as the ONLY legal language in th USA, and removes all other publications in all foreign languages
along with services to anyone who doesn’t speak English.
23. Who gives all Illegal Aliens without respect of country of Origin 60 days to get out or they will be deported! No questions asked!
24. Makes it mandatory that ANY Pedophile CAUGHT Will be Shot!
25. Makes it mandatory that all drug dealers will serve hard time (Ball & Chain) work for a minimum of 10 years on San Clemente  Island off the coast of CA where there is NO water or food!
26. And this person refuses to get the lifetime benefits’ of the POTUS, and pays for their own Insurance & retirement like the rest of us.
28. Reads all bills presented to him and line item Veto’s them!
29. Works to re-instate NASA funding
30. Removes the Department of Education from a Federal Agency!
31. Sells off all the unnecessary land that the federal government owns!
32. Cuts federal employment by 25% the first year and puts a Freeze on new hires.
33. Fires all the Heads of the VA and replaces them with new intelligent people!
34. Someone who actually can pass a in depth CIA, FBI background check

35. Somebody who’s both parents were actually born in the USA.

36. Someone who will NOT play favorites with the Hollywood types

37. A person who knows real hero’s and gives them more attention than sports stars and actors & actresses & producers.

38. A person who can respect our Constitution and understand the powers of each area.

39. Someone who will not try to take away our Amendments!

40. A person who won’t throw elaborate parties at our expense.

41. Someone who doesn’t need a vacation every month, and pays for those he or she takes out of their own pocket like all of us do.

42. A person who does NOT play to the MEDIA and tells them to report accurately!

43. Somebody who OPENS AREA 51 up for the public and all other areas that are considered “Secret”

44. Somebody who puts an end to all the clandestine foreign and US operations!

45. Somebody who sees that the USA has enough problems and keeps us out of other countries problems.

46. Someone to tell local governments that Sanctuary cities are not to be tolerated any longer, and that if you are NOT a US Citizen you will get ZERO aid in any form or fashion!

47. Someone who will help reduce our federal military spending on Billions of bullets and detention camps etc!  And open up the books on all such projects to public viewing.

48. Somebody who will clean house in the following agencies: DHS, ICE, DEA, FBI, NCIC, EPA, DEA just to start with.

49. Somebody who doesn’t need a $100k per year dog sitter, or a private chef and household staff of more than 5 people.

50. A person who wants OPEN books on everything, all meetings, publications, everything.

51. Reinstates the DRAFT of all US Citizens.

52. Removes the option of Illegal Aliens serving in any military, federal, state or local position.

53. Someone who will salute to the Military when recognized as the POTUS!


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