Elected officials should not get public pensions: Opinion – LA Daily News


Los Angeles’ elected officials leaving office at the end of this month won’t be shaping city policy in the same way come July 1. But they will continue to have an effect on the city — in the form of a lifetime paycheck. The public will continue to pay lifetime pensions to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ($122,489) and retiring council members (various amounts, but probably better than the annual salaries of most Angelenos) as pointed out by reporter Rick Orlov in a story.

No need to wonder why millions gets spent on council races when there’s such a payout at the end.

Elected officials should not get pensions, period. Nor should their political staff. That’s not what they were made for and they drive taxpayers crazy. This system was set up to benefit civil servants like cops and trash truck drivers so they don’t have to spend their golden years in poverty. It has been hijacked by the political class who have transformed what is supposed to be a temporary gig representing their fellow citizens on a legislative body into a lucrative career whose sole purpose seems to be finding ways to stay in office. Lose the pensions, and we will lose at least some of the people who are in politics for the wrong reason.

Don’t bother writing to your elected officials they won’t respond.