Flight MH 370

What makes no sense is that if there were 239+ people on that plane, why would nobody try to overthrow any terrorist? We saw this in the jet that flew into field on 911, we have seen other incidents when passengers took over passengers who were creating issues. Things just don’t add up in this, now the news is saying it went up to 45k feet then down to below 25k feet, then back up to around 30k feet and turned. Does this show a pattern that there was a fight in the cockpit? Someone else in the cockpit? Let’s look at who flew the planes and where they come from, let’s look at the passengers who were on the plane, let’s look at those passengers who had false passports. Why did it take a week for officials to look at the pilot & co-pilot’s homes, computers etc? Who would “Wait outside the homes for day’s” ? This was and is a terrorist attack period.

We know that many countries have very sophisticated capabilities in spying on us, some can read a license plate from over 10,000 miles up! So why aren’t these countries jumping in and lending a hand to find this plane? Are they afraid somebody will find out they have photos of your country up close? Come on people in times like this we must work together not against one another. We all know everyone spies on everyone else, get over it.

Doesn’t matter that they did not fly into a building, what matters is it has created a situation that people all over the world are AGAIN afraid to fly, nations are on high alerts, millions of $$$ are being spent on trying to find the plane, nations agencies are scrambling to see if they are secure, did they miss some intelligence and the reasons behind this and it has created chaos! Is the home country embarrassed? You betch ya they are, major Cluster F*** which is the intent of terrorism and it has worked! My guess is that a small group conducted this effort with 4-8 people behind it to show that they could instill terror anyplace in the world AGAIN! Let’s look at where this flight came from? What is ideology behind all these High Jacking events? Whose groups have the highest number of these events? You got it, RADICAL MUSLIMS! There someone said it and I will stand behind it until proved otherwise! This was done by a Muslim Terrorist Cell! Period. And if there are ANY peace loving moderate Muslims where in the heck are they after every Terrorist event? Have we ever heard any group of organized Muslims denounce any terrorist attack yet? I rest my case.