The Government Spent $172 Million On Penis Pumps for Medicare people! OMG!



Americans are furious over news that the federal government spent $172 million on penis pumps for Medicare recipients.

According to a government watchdog group, Medicare purchased penis pumps for twice the retail cost from 2006 to 2011.

The inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services explained the Medicare covered over 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems (VES).

Penis pumps are one of the few treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

“Medicare payment amounts for VES remain grossly excessive compared with the amounts that non-Medicare payers pay,” the report from December 2013 read. “Medicare currently pays suppliers more than twice as much for VES as the Department of Veterans Affairs and consumers over the Internet pay for these types of devices.”

The report found that if Medicare paid the retail price for each of the VES devices, it would’ve saved approximately $14.4 million for each of the six years observed.

“Just buy it yourself,” said Ben Domenici of the Heartland Institute— you don’t need to send the bill to your fellow Americans.”

Should Medicare cover these devices?

No it should not, never! When will this world come back to reality?